Spatially Enabling Improved Decisions


GeoPlanning Services, LLC was founded in early 2009 in Orlando, Florida, as a full service provider of geospatial tools and analysis to support urban planning, logistics, real estate and economic development organizations.

Our staff collectively has over 80 years experience in the application of GIS to demographic analysis and modeling, industrial/commercial site selection, land use planning, permit management, geospatial business intelligence application, routing optimization, and strategic planning. We have experience in providing technical support related to the application of GIS to forecasting and modeling, data migration for legacy systems to ArcGIS Server systems, development of web based systems to provide information and analysis to users, and spatial data creation and quality control.

GeoPlanning Services brings a unique multi-disciplinary approach to spatial problems with a focus on fusing data from multiple sources to provide the tools and information necessary to support improved decision making.

GeoPlanning Services was founded by Martin Roche and Dr. Gabriel Carballo. Both founders have a long history in the geospatial industry and were key members of Solutions Division Fugro EarthData, one of the largest geospatial service providers in the United States. Mr. Roche brings a diverse background to GeoPlanning Services having served as a municipal zoning inspector, a county land use planner and a state economic developer in addition to his years of private sector experience. As a university researcher Mr. Roche developed models forecasting the economic impact of infrastructure investment (roads, water and sewer, and interstate interchanges) under a grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission. He is a Certified Economic Developer (CEcD), a Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP), and a Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) licensed to practice GIS surveying in South Carolina.

Dr. Carballo is proficient in the analysis, design, development, implementation, and commercialization of GIS and remote-sensing-related products and services. He developed his expertise in dual roles as university researcher and GIS consultant. Through his synergic experience in software engineering, GIS, remote sensing, computer vision, computer graphics, and physics, he contributes his comprehensive insight into modeling and algorithms design. Dr. Carballo has designed enterprise GIS programs for the City of Miami, land use and zoning applications for Miami-Dade County (the 8th largest county by population in the US) and Orange County Public Schools (the 11th largest school district by enrollment in the United States).

The firmís staff has extensive experience in the application of ESRI technologies to a variety of organizational problems and issues. We have focused on the application of GIS and other geospatial technologies to urban planning with specific experience in the application of the technology to small area demographic projections (to support transportation planning, zoning analysis, school planning, and real estate speculation); long range land use forecasts; zoning data maintenance and hearing management; and 3D visualization.

Strategic planning and enterprise GIS planning are also a strong area of focus for GeoPlanning Services. The staff has completed enterprise GIS plans for organizations as large and diverse as the City of Miami and the Orange County Public Schools. Additionally, the State of Floridaís GIS Coordination Strategic Plan was drafted by the GeoPlanning Services staff.

Additional areas of experience include the development of web based GIS applications for data access, interactive mapping, and data editing. A final area of customer support is the provision of staff augmentation services, making staff available for short or long term assignment to GIS projects to support customers during times of high demand or on projects that do not require the hiring of permanent staff.